About Us


All our caravans are sourced privately.  We are able to talk to the private seller to determine the history of the caravan. We specifically try and source low use, well cared for caravans.

We run a PPSR or REVS check on every caravan we buy.  This ensures that the caravan being purchased has clear title (no finance owing), is not recorded as stolen and is not listed on the written off or repairable write off register, giving you peace of mind.


Once we purchase the caravan, it undergoes a thorough quality check:

  • The caravan is road tested (sometimes for hundreds of kilometres).   In doing so, we are able to offer first hand opinions on how the caravan tows and the condition of the brakes and the bearings.
  • The awning is checked for rips and tears and correct operation
  • All appliances are checked and run on each setting for at least 72 hours.
    • Fridges are run on both 240V and gas to ensure they work correctly on both
    • Air conditioners are checked on both hot and cold and each setting is rated
    • Diesel heaters are run to make sure they work
    • Stoves and ovens are tested to ensure they run correctly.
    • Hot water system is checked
    • Toilet system is checked to make sure it flushes and opens correctly to the cassette
    • TVs and radios are tested (if applicable)
    • Water pump is checked
    • Lights are all checked and bulbs replaced where necessary
    • Satellite system is tested (if applicable)
  • Inside, the caravan is cleaned thoroughly including inside and outside cupboards, stove, fridge, microwave, ensuite shower and toilet.
  • Outside, the caravan undergoes a full detail with a thorough wash to bring out the best
  • Finally, we may add a signature “ReVamped Caravans” colour to modernise the caravan, making it your pride and joy.

If the van does not have solar panels, we provide a portable solar panel and the necessary Anderson plug wiring.   Portable solar panels are a great after market solution if the caravan doesn’t have roof mount solar – you can park your caravan in the shade, and run the portable panel into the sun – the best of both worlds.